Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thinking of Starr

Not long ago, Chance ran into his cousin at Fred Meyer.  They chatted briefly and just as Chance was about to say goodbye, his cousin burst into tears.  His wife, Starr, had just been diagnosed with breast cancer the week before.  What a tragic time this has been for them.  Starr's surgery was last week - double mastectomy.  Thankfully, the surgery appears to have gone well and now she is on the road to recovery.

I've been thinking of Starr a great deal lately.  Have you noticed all the pink packaging at the grocery stores this month?  It's Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Every time I see something pink, I think of Starr and all that she is wading through right now.  I came across this fun little treat at Bakerella's site not long ago.  (I LOVE Bakerella.  Her website is full of beautiful and delicious little creations) So, I decided to make these CowGIRL cookies jars myself.  Its my own little way of spreading the "awareness" I guess.  The labels were made with My Digital Studio.  Bakerella has her own version which you can download from her site, too.  And, yes, I know her pictures are much better than mine.

I also think these would make great Valentine gifts. Hmmm...wonder if I'll remember that in February.

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