Saturday, October 17, 2009

My New Blog

Here it is!  Creating this blog has been in the back of my mind for awhile.  I feel like I needed a separate space to showcase things I'm working on.  Creating a new blog is a lot of work!  Getting the layout right and making things work the way I want them to has been a little frustrating.  But I did manage to create my own blog banner in My Digital Studio today!  I was terribly impressed with myself even if I'm already thinking about changing it.

Chance and I debated about the blog name.  I didn't want it to sound cheesy.  I decided on "With My Own Two Hands" because I like the way it encompasses several things I do - not just crafts.  Cooking, baking, sewing, laundry ...  I asked Chance what he thought about the title.  It took him about 2 seconds to say:  "It should be called 'With My Husband's Money'."  I don't know why I bother to ask him anything.

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