Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Month of Gratitude

Happy November!  Here is the big project I've been working on the last 10 days or so.  I originally got this idea from Pottery Barn Kids last year. (See photos below), but I didn't want to pay their prices for it.  I looked it over and thought "How hard could it be?  Its a big rectangle with pockets.  I can totally do that for about $20."  Turns out, I  spent about the same as PBK's cost, but I have enough materials to make at least 2 of them and a number of new tools that I can use over and over again.  (I had to buy a few dies for my Big Shot).  Since I didn't know exactly what I was doing at first, I bought extra fabric in case I needed it.  Once I got started and realized how much excess I had, I considered making a 2nd one of these to give away.  "Wouldn't that be cool of me?  Wouldn't that just be the nicest thing ever?"  I thought. And then I thought, "Hmmm....I could get some Christmas fabrics and make an advent calendar for Christmas like this."  And then I started sewing and vowed never to do this again.  Honestly, it wasn't too bad, once I figured out the design and managed to line up the pockets in a semi-straight grid.  And if you have a week of your life to sacrifice, this is a nice way to do it. There are some things I would do differently, fabric choices I would change, etc. but I'm really pretty proud of this.   

Each pocket has a card with an activity for gratitude.  Some activities focus on families, some on faith, health, the arts, the Earth; but I tried to come up with a variety of ways to count up at least 30 different blessings in my family's life this month.  I'm hoping that my children will have fun, but also be reminded of our abundantly blessed life. 

Supplies:  Big Shot Machine; Serif Essentials Alphabet Die; SU Simple Numbers Die; SU Scallop Square Die; fabric; various interfacings; ribbon; dowel; blood; sweat; tears.

PBK's Calendars (2008 & 2009):


  1. HA! I love your supply list. :) It turned out great though. So did the "be thankful for your siblings" card really work?

  2. Actually, I think that "be thankful" card kind of helped on Sunday! Funny, huh? I just had to remind them of our calendar a few times and they got back on track.